Mary Thomas Kitchen at Robinsons Metro East

The Mary Thomas Kitchen. A small unassuming store at the top floor of Robinsons Metro East. With an old farmhouse vibe and a bright atmosphere, we were pleasantly surprised by the delicious food that was served up.

Mary Thomas Kitchen
Mary Thomas Kitchen is a small corner store. They cater as well!

On a whim we decided to go to Robinson’s Metro East yesterday. It’s one of the more smallish malls that I’ve been to, but its packed with memories of when I used to go there a lot during my college days.

Mk Kitchen Equipment
Mk Kitchen Equipment has extremely reasonable prices. Imagine a giant pepper mill for only P380.

After gallivanting around, discovering great new stores (MK Kitchen Equipment) and buying a couple of movie tickets, we decided to have dinner.

Mary Thomas KitchenWe found the Mary Thomas Kitchen just around the corner.

Of course everytime I go to a new place I ask “Ano ho best seller nyo?” (What are your bestsellers?). In this case they were the Rosemary Chicken (P150) and the T-Bone Steak (P200). I chose the Rosemary Chicken while my wife got the Smokey BBQ Chicken Wings (P175).

The food was served roughly around 10 minutes after ordering.

The Rosemary Chicken was served with rice, a small side salad, some gravy, and a glass of iced tea. The Smokey BBQ Wings were served as is since they are meant to be appetizers. My chicken was the brownish color of a good roast and caked with rosemary leaves. I cut into the still steaming chicken with my fork and the meat easily pull apart. The chicken had hints of adobo flavors (soy sauce, bay leaf) and had the rich bouquet of rosemary dancing around. It was nicely paired with a buttery gravy which can be a soup on its own.

Rosemary Chicken
The Rosemary Chicken. Juicy goodness.

The salad was a simple one with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, and a drizzling of a honey mustard mayo dressing.

The Smokey BBQ Wings were tender and had the slightly spicy and sweet flavors of a good BBQ. Though the sauce carried the dish, the chicken was nicely cooked and still had juices flowing within.

Smokey BBQ Chicken
The Smokey BBQ Chicken. Still moist with a great sauce.

All in all a great meal.

It’s not often I’m happy enough with a meal to start a blog. So drop by and taste the chicken that can launch a thousand blogs, or just one in this case.


My Rating

Rating 3

3 out of 5 Forks. Even though the food was great, the ambiance was a bit lacking and the tables rocked. I hate rocking tables.

Mary Thomas Kitchen
Level 5, Robinsons Metro East Marcos Highway, Barangay Dela Paz, Santolan, Pasig City, Philippines
(02) 473 0384